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Do you live in the Westminster area and are looking for a way to improve the appearance of sagging skin in a simple, pain-free way? If so, at Colorado Center for Aesthetics and Rejuvenation in Westminster, we may have a solution for you. SkinTyte™ is a method of skin rejuvenation in which our professionals use infra-red light to deeply heat the collagen on your skin and allow it to begin its natural healing process. It’s a quick and easy process that our aestheticians offer to all of our Westminster clinic’s interested patients, call today to learn more!

Offering SkinTyte Treatment in Westminster

SkinTyte is a form of laser skin treatment that is minimally invasive and requires no downtime. The combination of dermal heating and epidermal cooling strikes the perfect balance for patients, keeping them comfortable throughout the procedure and allowing their natural healing process to take place. You can expect gentle energy pulses that effectively heat soft tissue and lead to a more youthful experience. Some people hear “laser skin treatment” and immediately get scared off, but it’s not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

Skin Rejuvenation for All Skin Types in Westminster

No matter what type of skin you have – dark or light, dry or soft, smooth or wrinkly – our team in Westminster can help you achieve the results you desire. SkinTyte is able to predictably, effectively, and comfortably treat any area of your body, from your face to your back and everywhere in between. We want our Westminster patients to be comfortable in their own skin and not to feel ashamed about the way they look. There are ways to restore vitality into your life, let us help you in doing so!

Post-SkinTyte Treatment for Patients in Westminster

After your procedure at our Westminster clinic, you can immediately resume daily activities. Some patients even get SkinTyte treatment on their lunch break during work. You may experience some redness on the treated area, but that will go away within minutes. There’s no need to worry about not being able to put on makeup or sunscreen after the treatment, your skin will be able to handle it all!

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