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Having thin or no eyelashes might not seem like a big concern, but for those who deal with inadequate lashes, it can be a major issue. We offer Latisse® at Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation in Westminster so you can say hello to longer and healthier eyelashes. This approved treatment can reverse the loss of lashes and encourages new growth that is better than before. Meet with our Westminster eye specialist, and we will prescribe this treatment if you are an ideal candidate.

Grow Eyelashes With Ease in Westminster

No one thing causes complications with lash growth; it can be the result of conditions like Alopecia and Madarosis, or a simple effect of aging. Regardless of what has led to your eyelash problems, our Latisse® eyelashes product in Westminster can help. Since it requires a prescription from our experts, make your appointment to get the eyelashes you deserve finally. No matter what is at the root of your eyelash concerns, our Westminster products can get you luxurious, long lashes.

The Latisse® Solution Westminster Wants

Approved by the FDA and bearing demonstrable results for countless individuals, Latisse® eyelashes can be the answer you’ve been searching for. The formula in our Westminster treatment is applied directly to the lash line over an extended period of time—approximately 16 weeks. In that time, your lashes will gradually grow and strengthen. While the treatment takes months, you will begin to see results in a fraction of the time. Let us get you a prescription at our medical spa in Westminster today.

Westminster Can Get Quality Latisse® Eyelashes

You can see the difference this eyelash product makes for our Westminster clients. Around four weeks of use, you’ll start to notice that more than just the length has improved. There will be a discernable change in the thickness as well. With this treatment, your lashes can be fuller than ever before—increasing the aesthetic appeal of your eyes face. Our Westminster Latisse® treatment also makes the new eyelashes you grow darker than before, providing an extra pop.

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