EltaMD® Skincare

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One of our product lines at Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation in Westminster is EltaMD®—known for its high-quality formulas that fight signs of aging and repair skin. These skin care products include cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen. They use the basis of wound care and put it into products that work great on most skin types—especially if you’ve had aesthetic treatments. Learn more about the EltaMD® skin and suncare products we have available in Westminster.

Feel Great and Look Better in Westminster

The formulas in these skincare products are top of the line and are formulated to make your skin healthy and strong. Our Westminster specialists can dispense these products if you need to address your concerns. We offer the full line to give you a comprehensive skin care routine. The cleansers clean and remove dirt and makeup from the skin without leaving it dry while the moisturizers add intense hydration that makes your face smooth and soft. You can even top it off with a zinc sunscreen to protect from the sun in Westminster.

Get the Suncare Products Westminster Needs

Westminster is famous for getting 300 days of sun a year, so you better make sure your skin is protected all year round. Our EltaMD® skin care options effectively protect you from the sunshine with broad-spectrum products that prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. Without proper sun protection, the aging process can be increased, causing wrinkles and sagging, but it can also increase your chances of skin cancer. Reduce the risk and get products like EltaMD®’s zinc sunscreen at our Westminster center to slow down damage to your skin.

Fight Damage With EltaMD® Skin care For Westminster

After an aesthetic procedure, your skin is especially vulnerable, luckily the products that we offer Westminster residents from EltaMD are gentle while still packed full of benefits. EltaMD® has spent decades perfecting their formulas and are trusted by burn centers and hospitals for their products’ ability to stop infections and help heal wounds. At our Westminster center, we recommend these products as post-procedure solutions, so your healing process is as smooth as possible.

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