BioTE® Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy

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At Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation in Westminster, we take the responsibility of helping alleviate hormone-related symptoms very seriously. That’s why we partner with first-rate companies like BioTE Medical—a company like us, who is entirely committed to helping restore the hormonal balance of patients in the Westminster area. Don’t learn to live with the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance and deficiency, allow our experienced staff to provide you with specially formulated, high-end hormone replacement pellet options in Westminster.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy Delivered to Westminster

BioTE Medical’s hormone replacement insertions offer Westminster residents a high-quality option in the realm of hormone therapy. Well-designed and specially formulated to help mitigate people’s experience of hormone imbalance related symptoms, BioTE’s method of using bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is designed to be biologically adaptable with your body’s composition. Don’t wait to learn about the hormone therapies available to you in Westminster. We happily offer our Westminster clients modern tactics and valuable insight when it comes to alleviating symptoms related to hormone imbalances.

Westminster’s Go-To Provider of BioTE Hormone Therapy

Using BiotTE’s hormone therapy, our team works to help alleviate symptoms related to hormone imbalances that Westminster residents struggle to manage. From alleviating, the side effects of aging to balancing fluctuating hormones, hormone replacements for men and women can be incredibly beneficial to your overall sense of wellbeing. Don’t simply learn to live with your hormone imbalance; let our experienced providers in Westminster help bring stability to your male or female hormones with BioTE’s hormone replacement insertions.

BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy in Westminster

Hormone-related issues manifest in several different ways depending on the body. In women, so often hormone imbalance symptoms show up with age, during the stages of perimenopause, and during menopause. Steep declines of hormones like estrogen can lead to depression, weight gain, and problems with sleep. Men encounter similar experiences during andropause—when their body starts producing less testosterone, inevitably resulting in fatigue, decreased libido, and increased body fat. Thankfully, we have a response which helps to minimize these symptoms: BioTE hormone pellet therapy. These bioidentical hormone replacement pellets from BioTE help strike a healthy balance of the hormones your body needs.

At Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation, we proudly offer a 20% discount for all members of military, law enforcement, fire and EMS.
(*Discount applicable for hormone replacement therapy)

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