Hormone Therapy 

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Helping our patients balance their hormone levels.

At Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation, we proudly offer a 20% discount for all members of military, law enforcement, fire and EMS.
(*Discount applicable for hormone replacement therapy)

At Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation in Westminster, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to both men and women. This therapy is a fabulous option for those struggling with symptoms related to hormone imbalance. Our bioidentical hormone therapy allows for better biological compatibility than other options in Westminster. Formulated by BioTE® Medical—a company completely committed to helping restore the balance of hormones—our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy aims to mitigate symptoms and provide a sense of relief to Westminster residents struggling with hormone imbalance.

Understanding Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hormones are a crucial regulatory substance in the human body. They control everything from appetite and sleep cycles to metabolic processes and libido, which makes even slight imbalances detrimental. To help counteract imbalances, we offer our Westminster clients high-quality bioidentical hormone replacement options. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (or BHRT) we provide is designed to help lessen symptoms with little to no side effects. When the process of senescence begins to take place, rely on our bioidentical hormone options in Westminster. A valuable strategy for both men and women that can help mitigate the signs of aging associated with hormonal imbalances and add new levels of health to your life.

Ready to Boost Your Health & Refine Your Looks?

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Westminster

At our company, we feel it’s our job to supply state-of-the-art solutions to those struggling with the hormone-related symptoms that are plaguing people in Westminster. That’s why we strive to deliver Westminster clients high-quality therapies consisting of bioidentical hormones that are well-designed and formulated. Don’t trust just anyone to help get your hormonal imbalances under control. Look to our team for comprehensive approaches to aid with the issues you’re facing in Westminster.

High-End BHRT Available to Westminster Residents

At Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation, we take pride in the service we provide our Westminster clientele. That’s why we partner with top-notch companies like BioTE Medical. They are equally committed to helping restore the balance of hormones for men and women. BioTE has worked to formulate high-quality bioidentical hormone replacement products for Westminster residents that aim to mitigate symptoms and provide a sense of balance to those struggling with issues related to hormone imbalance.

Our Services Include:

  • CoolSculpting
  • Injectables (Botox & Fillers)
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Medical Skin Care Line
  • Medical Weight loss

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