ForeverBARE BBL™ Laser Hair Removal

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Constantly shaving, tweezing, plucking, and Nair-ing can get tedious - and even if you stay on top of it, you won’t always get the results you want. At the Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation in Westminster, we may have an alternative method for you. ForeverBare BBL™ is a method of laser hair removal that provides cutting-edge results in an exceptionally fast, comfortable treatment. ForeverBare BBL technology delivers a combination of benefits that are not available in any other hair removal treatment in Westminster. Continue reading for more information regarding what makes ForeverBare BBL so special.

Get Permanent Hair Removal in Westminster

With laser hair removal from CO-CAR, you don’t have to worry about continually plucking or shaving hairs. Once our process is finished, your days of needing hair removal will be as well. Best of all, the process is quick, easy, and efficient. Patients hear “laser treatment for hair removal” and become nervous, though it may sound intimidating, it’s one of the safest permanent hair removal methods you’ll be able to find in the Westminster area.

Comfortable Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Westminster

ForeverBare BBL uses revolutionary heating and cooling methods to keep patients comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Instead of focusing in on one area of the body, multiple lower fluence pulses are sent throughout the body to raise the follicle temperature to optimal levels for hair removal. Meanwhile, a sapphire plate on the handpiece provides continuous cooling to keep your skin at optimal temperature levels before, during, and after.

Fast Laser Hair Removal for A Variety of Skin Types

The technology behind our hair removal treatment is hard to find through any other service provider in the Westminster area. ForeverBare™ has the highest power and repetition rate of any light device on the market which allows for extremely fast treatment times. And by increasing the temperature of the follicle while keeping the skin protected with cooling, we are able to treat all skin types up to type V.

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