DIY CoolSculpting | Why CoolSculpting at Home is Dangerous

Everyone has heard of CoolSculpting. This popular treatment is the #1 way to reduce stubborn fat using unique cooling technology. However, as the popularity of CoolSculpting rises, there is a dangerous trend taking place. In an effort to save money, many are trying DIY CoolSculpting. Trying to CoolSculpting your fat at home is dangerous and ineffective. Read on to learn why CoolSculpting treatments should only be performed by a reputable professional.

How Does CoolSculpting Reduce Stubborn Fat?

CoolSculpting uses Cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells. Two Harvard scientists developed this technology who realized exposing fat cells to extreme cold would disable them. During cooling sessions, a gentle vacuum mechanism draws an area of the body’s skin into the applicator. The applicator’s suction is a vital part of each cooling session as it draws the subcutaneous fat cells to the surface.
Once the treatment area is secure, the CoolSculpting machine delivers cooling at a consistent temperature. The controlled cooling is between 39 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature does not freeze the fat cell. Instead, it chills the cell’s membrane until it ruptures. Once the cell is disabled, it can no longer store fat and dies. Once dead, a natural immune response triggers and gathers the dead cells. The lymphatic system then processes them out of the body as a form of waste. Once removed, the fat cells can never return.

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Why DIY CoolSculpting is Impossible and Dangerous

People now believe they can safely CoolSculpt at home using irresponsible DIY hacks. Once such method of DIY CoolSculpting involves the use of ice packs. They believe the ice packs mimic the cooling temperature of the treatment. It does not. There are several reasons why DIY methods are so dangerous and ineffective:

CoolSculpting at Home Lacks Consistent Temperatures

Ice packs will not chill fat because they cannot maintain a precise or controlled temperature. When you put an ice pack on your skin, the body begins to transfer its heat onto the ice, causing it to warm.

DIY CoolSculpting Doesn’t Provide Suction

DIY CoolSculpting does not have a gentle suction mechanism. Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold than skin cells. When exposed to cold, the fat cells move away from the skin’s surface. The vacuum mechanism of a CoolSculpting applicator allows the subcutaneous fat cells to be drawn to the surface where they are targeted. CoolSculpting at home cannot do this.

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CoolSculpting at Home is Dangerous

Ice packs will not freeze fat. They will, however, freeze the skin. DIY CoolSculpting is dangerous because it can result in frostbite. Real CoolSculpting treatments use a gel pad on top of the skin to insulate the tissue from the cold. Also, processional treatments come with several safeguards like temperature gauges to monitor the skin’s temperature. If the skin drops below a specific reading, the machine turns off. No one CoolSculpting at home can do this, which results in people leaving their skin open for thermal damage.

Safe CoolSculpting Near Me

Don’t become a victim of DIY CoolSculpting hacks. Instead, leave the science of fat freezing to the professionals. Colorado Center Aesthetics and Rejuvenation is a primary provider of safe, effective CoolSculpting treatments in Westminster, CO. To schedule a consultation, call us at 720-326-6028 or reach out to us online to learn more about fat freezing.